Australian Guide to Implementing Food Traceability (AGIFT)

The Australian Guide to Implementing Food Traceability AGIFT aims to build national consistency and integrity into Australia’s food traceability systems, giving consumers greater certainty about the products they buy and ensuring industry can respond quickly to product recalls.

The Guide has been developed to assist all businesses engaged in Australia’s food supply chains and their networks of software and technology providers.

The Guide is developed in modules, enabling businesses along a food supply chain to focus on achieving traceability within their area of responsibility, understanding what data is needed to complete supply chain level traceability.

This guide is designed with all food products in mind. It describes how to create supply chain traceability through using data standards for interoperability.

The Guide’s scope spans activities from farm inputs, raw materials used in food production and manufacturing, food processing and packaging, storage, distribution, transport, retail, food service,
import and export of food and end consumer information.