Australian Guide to Implementing Food Traceability (AGIFT): RED MEAT & LIVESTOCK

Visibility in our supply chains is important to industry for many reasons, but first and foremost is the wellbeing of Australian and international consumers. AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock will benefit livestock producers, processors, meat product manufacturers, wholesalers, freight transport suppliers, retailers, food service, importers and exporters of red meat and livestock. It will assist them with the flow of information between businesses and help them fulfil their regulatory compliance. AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock will also enhance the capacity of companies to address product counterfeiting, ensuring they meet market requirements and can claim the premium associated with Australia’s high quality meat products.

AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock provides a user-friendly “how to” for tackling traceability across a complete food supply chain. It means that organisations working together to supply Australian red meat products will be able to achieve the end-to-end traceability that all agree are important to business success.

Australian red meat producers, processors, retailers and exporters have a reputation for producing safe, quality food. AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock will assist businesses to put in place the measures and systems that enable them to comply with a range of requirements covering food safety, biosecurity, food labelling, food transport as well as industry codes and buyer specifications.

AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock is specific to red meat. It is designed with cattle, goat, buffalo, sheep and their products in mind. It is structured in modules chosen to cover common events and transactions in red meat food supply chains. Each module covers the typical participants, their roles, the Critical Tracking Events and Key Data Elements for traceability. Each module includes regulatory requirements.

AGIFT: Red Meat and Livestock describes how to create supply chain traceability by identifying traceability requirements and using data standards to create interoperability. AGIFT: Red Meat shows how to capture and format the data to standards that allow flow between systems of permissioned supply chain partners safely. The Guide also addresses security concerns, threats, and mitigation strategies for constituents of a supply chain.