About Future Food Deakin

The Implementing Food Traceability Program is part of Deakin’s Future Food initiative

Deakin University has a reputation for leading and developing smart and practical solutions for real world challenges. It has the capabilities, capacity and focus required to drive innovation and change, not only in the way we produce and supply food to the world but also in the way we behave as consumers.

An integrated and comprehensive approach is required to build the creative solutions we need. Through Future Food Deakin, the University has brought its brightest scientists and practitioners together across a wide range of fields to generate a smart new approach.

Food Traceability Lab

  • End to end visibility
  • Authenticity and counterfeiting
  • Data standards and interoperability
  • IOT and blockchain technology
  • Industry development programs
  • Analytical verification

Bio-Resources Innovation Centre

  • Biorefining, bioprocessing and applied analytics
  • Aquaculture and animal feed
  • Nutraceuticals and food ingredients
  • Waste biomaterials
  • Marine biomasses
  • Agricultural by-products

Water Management Hub

  • Recycling and high value horticulture
  • Desalination water grids
  • Water rights policy
  • Water management course
  • Irrigation

Consumer, Nutrition and Retail Science Hub

  • Induced Context Sensory Lab
  • Food and Mood Centre
  • Nourish Network Retail Advisory Centre
  • Sustainable, healthy and personalised nutrition