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How to trace organic produce across the supply chain

Food and Beverage Industry News
June 23, 2022

AGIFT - a gift to industry

December, 2020

AU: New traceability program to build trust in Australia’s food supply chains

Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand
July 13, 2020

Food Traceability Program to Build Trust in Australia's Food Supply Chains

Australian Food Cold Chain Council
June 30, 2020

Food Industry Publications

Traceability Learning Journeys

Government of Western Australia

Food Fraud


Traceability Returns

Planet Tracker
October, 2020

Blockchain for Food Traceability

UNDP Global, Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development Singapore
October, 2020

FSMA Proposed Rule for Food Traceability

U.S. Food & Drug Administration
October 16, 2020

Blockchain: A new safeguard for agri-foods

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Journal
August 21, 2020

Articles, Blogs and Interviews

Cherry traceability pilot ramps up

Produce Plus
September 28, 2023

MFC enhances traceability

Liam O’Callaghan
August 17, 2023

Watson EU Horizon Europe Project

May 31, 2023

University of Sydney researchers urge to eat local

Food & Beverage Industry News
June 30, 2022

Fifth of global food-related emissions due to transport

The University of Sydney
June 21, 2022

Top 5 Food Frauds of 2022 (so far)

Food Fraud Advisors
June 8, 2022

The Biggest Cases Of Food Fraud Ever

David Lanzafame
April 4, 2022

Researchers take blockchain tech to grain exports

Federation University
February 18, 2022

Traceability Boost Backs ‘Paddock To Plate’ Success Story

Victoria State Government
May 13, 2021